Studio ~ Weekday............................................$35 Due at time of scheduling
Studio ~ Weekdend.........................................$50 Due at time of scheduling

Creation Fee ~ $50 This is Due at time of session. It will be applied towards order.

This will reserve up to 1 hr. of personal portrait time at the studio for indoor or outdoor portraits.This fee will be used to cover a portion of the expenses of the photo session and proofs.Set fee may apply.
Set Fee..........................................$10 per extra set

Location ~ Weekday........................................$50 Due at time of scheduling
Location ~ Weekend.......................................$75 Due at time of scheduling

Some times will call for a assistant on location. There will be a $10 charge if this is needed.

Creation Fee ~ $75. This is Due at time of session. It will be applied towards order.

This will reserve up to 1 hr. of personal portrait time at a location of your choice with in a 30 mile radius of the studio.I have many beautiful locations you can choose from or you can choose a personal location.This fee will be used to cover a portion of the travel and proof expenses. Some locations have their own fee. That fee will be in addition to the location fee.

First year sessions~ 4 sessions. 3 instudio sessions and one location. Weekday sessions $100 or weekend sessions $170 for all sessions.Either newborn, 3 month, 6 month, and one year or 3 month, 6 month, one year and 18 months. I suggest not keeping to the months as much as their milestones.

Specialty Locations or half day.....................By Quote
This can be a half day session for extended family, family reunions, anniversary's or party's. It can also include traveling to your favorite place or special location outside the 30 mile radius.

Individual Portraits
- 4x6.......................$8
- 5x7.......................$10
- 8x10.................... $30
- 11x14....................$38

Price per sheet
- (8) 2x3's.............$15
- (4) 4x6..............$25
- (2 ) 5x7.............$18

** Other print sizes available

Packages available at discounted prices.
Enlargements and square sizes available. I offer mounted, linen texture, watercolor paper and canvas finishes. I also offer many different card options, custum albums and gifts. I provide B&W and Sepia at no additional charge. I can digitaly paint B&W and Sepia portraits for a minimal additional fee.

Coffee Table books

5x7 Hardcovre starting from ...........................................$135
8.75 x 11.25 Linen covered book starting from ...........$250
8.75 x 11.25 Leather covered book starting from .......$300
11.5x15 Linen covered Photo book starting from.......$325
11.5x15 Leather Photo book starting from.................$375

Personal Cards

These cards are great for personal thank you cards , note card, invitations and all season holiday cards.

6x8 photo cards ~
Set of 50 .........$60
Set of 75...........$90
set of 100........$110

** Other cards are available

** Christmas Special Set of 50 4x6 prints....... $100 (same image)

* Envelopes include with all cards

Portrait CD Pricing
CD of 3 Full Resolution-$100 min order $150.00
CD of 10 Full Resolution- $150 min order $200.00
CD of 15 pics $250 minimum order $250.00
CD of 15 Full Resolution- $300 min order $200.00
CD of 15 Full Resolution- $500 min order $150.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $100 min order $450.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $200 min order $350.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $250 min order $325.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $300 min order $300.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $350 min order $275.00
CD of 30 Full Resolution- $500 min order $225.00
CD of 5 Full Resolution $225.00
CD of 10 Full Resolution $325.00
CD of 15 Full Resolution $375.00
CD of 20 Full Resolution $425.00
CD of 40 Full Resolution $550.00

** $100 off if pictures are all the pictures selected in the order.
Full Resolution Quality is picture Quality up to 24x36 or larger

Pictures are done with minor edits unless the pictures chosen are one placed in printed order. Additional edits are $5 per picture.

Discounted prices for combining CD Packages (Low and High resolution)

Depending on the session different attire will photograph better.
Please don't hesitate to contact me on what attire would photograph the best for your session. On my studio sessions I do have a wordrobe closent for my sessions so if do not have the attire I just might. For exsample I have many choices for the Victorian session from the dress, to hats and props

Please contact me for any additional price inquires.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. I know it is important to capture every special moment of your day and make sure your portrait is truly yours. Capturing your style and the uniqueness of you and your wedding. I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to take someone?s wedding portraits. I take the time to get to know each of my clients and know how important it is to know their personality and expectations for there wedding. I find it is important to my clients not to feel as they have a stranger taking their portraits but someone they feel comfortable around. Taking your Engagement and Bridal portraits gives me a great insight and is a great time to get to know each other. I talk with my potential clients before our first meeting to make sure they bring a list of expectations, samples of there favorite portrait styles, list of questions or concerns, and a list of important portraits they want taken. At our meeting I will provide you with helpful information to help you know what style of portraits you would want done, a list a various traditional and untraditional shot you might want taken, and samples of great locations to take your portraits. We will take the time to review all the information, answer any questions you may have, and I will be able to get as much information from you as I can to make sure I can capture every special moment. It you decide that I am the right photographer for your special day, I will take all the information you gave me and make a wedding portfolio for you. Here we will have all the information we will need about the engagement, bridals, and wedding portraits. It will include time and place of each portrait session, a time line of the rehearsal and wedding day, church and venue regulations, samples of portraits you want, along with your list of special portrait, a formal list of wedding day portraits, notes of all our discussions, and any other information that we need to capture your special day. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns of capturing your special day. I always attend the rehearsal. This gives me an opportunity to talk with you about potential portrait locations onsite, to get familiar with your families and wedding party, and talk with the wedding coordinator and double check on regulations. I will then go back and make any additional notes in your portfolio to ensure a wonderful wedding day. When it come time for selecting your wedding portrait I am always avaible to help assist you on making the important decisions on what would tell the best story of your wedding and what enlargements would make the best impact.

I would love to have the opportunity to take your wedding portraits.

Amanda Riedel

Wedding Packages

Basic Package: $850. Includes 5 hrs. of personal portrait and capturing the priceless memories of your Wedding and reception. You will have a private viewing and slide show online in color, photojournalists black & white, sepia and samples of specialty portraits. You will also receive 60 wallets from your engagement or bridal portraits with the web info. for your guest. This includes my attendance at the rehearsal and meeting with you before the Wedding to discuss portrait styles and details of the Wedding.

Traditional Package: $1350 Includes the basic package, 100 wallets for guest, 50 memory portraits in a leather album, 10 sheets of enlargements up to a 8x12, a 11x14 enlargement, one Brag Book with 15 4x6 images, option to upgrade to a digitally printed book, all with free touch up, enhancements and one specialty portrait.

Complete Package: $1850. Includes all of the above and a 16x20 mounted with linen texture, 100 save the date magnets or cards, a CD with all images ordered with a file size up to a 8x10 with a copyright release on your first anniversary.

Silver Package: $2150. Includes 6 hrs of personal portrait time, everything in the Complete package, your Engagement & Bridal portrait sessions, and a 11x14 and 16x20 of either portrait session.

Platinum Package: $3150. Includes 7 hrs of personal portrait time, online viewing with slide show, your Bridal and Engagement portrait sessions, a 11x14 and 16x20 of either session, 150 wallets for your guest, 50 memory portrait prints, 10 sheets of enlargements, 11x14 enlargement, 16x20 mounted linen Wedding portrait, two brag books, with 15 images each, one digitally print book with 20 sides (10 pgs and up to 70 images) and a CD on your first anniversary with all your wedding images at full resolution.

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